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Differentiation Discs*
 Product Name
BACITRACIN DISCS for identification of Streptococcus pyogenes 50 Discs/vl
BILE ESCULIN DISCS for detection of esculin hydrolysis in the presence of bile 50 Discs/vl
DMACA INDOLE DISCS For indole testing 50 Discs/vl
NITRATE DISCS Substrate for nitrate reduction 50 Discs/vl
NITRATE REAGENT DISCS (Double Pack) For detection of nitrate reduction Part I : Discs
Part II (a) :
Reagent A
Part II (b) :
Reagent B
50 Discs/vl
2.5 ml/vl
2.5 ml/vl
ONPG DISCS Testing for ONPG 50 Discs/vl
OXIDASE DISCS for detection of oxidase production by microorganism 50 Discs/vl
Differentiation Test Strips*
Product Name
KOVAC'S REAGENT STRIPS For indole testing 25 Strips/1vl
LEAD ACETATE PAPER STRIPS For detection of H2S production 25 Strips/1vl
* Store Between 2° C - 8° C. For long duration store at -20° C.